Chestnut Class Years 3 and 4

Welcome to Chestnut Class!
Hello everyone, welcome to Year 4 where our team consists of Mr Langley and Mrs Wheller. In our class we pride ourselves on trying to make the learning journey each child goes on as fun, interesting and diverse as possible learning lots of new skills across the year. Throughout the year we will keep our page updated so that you can see all of the brilliant and exciting things we do in Chestnut! 
Year 4 - Chestnut - Class teacher is Mr Langley supported by Mrs Wheller.
Despite the cold, miserable weather both year 4 and year 5 have been participating in some cricket training . We have had a coach from Warwickshire Cricket Board each Thursday to teach the skills needed to develop the cricketers of the future. Maybe we have a Ben Stokes or a Jofra Archer in the making here at Woodside!
Year 4 - Chestnut
This week Chestnut class have been building catapults.  We began by researching the different types of catapults, the way they are designed and the reasons they are used.  We found out that they originated in Ancient Greece and have been historically used to defend castles (trebuchets) and attack castles (catapults).
We then set about creating a design criteria so that we could design a successful, working catapult.  After this we designed our own prototypes and began building.  As you can see from the photos, it was quite a task but we think we did an amazing job!  Niamh and Scarlett's, Layla and Olivia's and Ellie and Jasmine's catapults managed to fling a projectile all the way across the classroom; pretty impressive results!