Weekly News 14th January 2022

14th January 2022

Headteachers Awards this week have been given to - 
Abel for working hard in phonics.  Abel has impressed us with his ability to try and blend words.  Keep up the great work Abel.
Kaeson for having a fantastic first week back after Christmas.  Kaeson sits and joins in beautifully on the carpet and has shown kindness to staff and friends.  We are so proud.
Esmee has returned to school with a real determination to do her best.  She is listening carefully and trying her best in every lesson; well done Esmee keep it up.
Poppy-Beau for a very promising week of maths and literacy.  You have listened so well Poppy and your work has been amazing.
Edith has really engaged with learning the times tables.  She also impressed us with her effort and enthusiasm last week when working on our book, Journey.
Sophia has returned to school with confidence and commitment.  She is thinking carefully about her work and beginning to explain her ideas clearly.  Great effort!
Alisha and Leyton for a great start to 2022.  Both have returned to school striving to be the best they can.  Keep it up!
Koray for always being very polite to all midday supervisors.
Class Attendance winners - 
Maple and Cherry