Maple Class Year 2

Welcome to Maple Class!
In Year 2 we have 2 teachers, Mrs Sandland and Mr Lavis, along with our teaching assistant Mrs Brown. We like to make our learning and our classroom as engaging as possible. Whether it be going on trips, dressing up, exploring our outside areas or reading a book in our themed reading area, we want the children in Year 2 to be enthusiastic about coming to school each morning.
Year 2 - Maple - Class teachers are Mrs Sandland and Mr Lavis, supported by Mrs Brown.
Year 2 have been completing some christmas cross stitch work as part of a Design and Technology project.
Year 2 have been busy designing a castle for the Paper Bag Princess from recycled boxes.  They added drawbridges, turrets and battlements using toilet rolls.  The project helped them practice their cutting, shaping and assembling skills.  Everyone was really pleased with the end result.