News and weekly awards

15th January 2021

Thank you to all parents who have really embraced remote learning.  Your help in supporting your child to engage with digital learning while at home is invaluable.
Try to establish a 'school' like routine at home based on the timetables which the teachers have set and remember - lots of short breaks for exercise and to move away from digital devices.
Each week the teachers will chose 'Remote Learner of the week' in place of Headteachers award.
Remote Learner of the week awards for week commencing 18 January 2021 have been given to - 
Daniel-Drew & Max - for working very hard at home -the work shared through Tapestry is of such a high quality.  Making a penguin egg and looking after it all day, just like a Daddy penguin was fabulous!
Layla - for completing all online work and trying so hard with her phonics.
Luca - for working really hard at home and completing some tasks independantly.
Archie - for always working hard on the days he is learning at home and completing a wonderful "retell" of the Gingerbread Man.
Chloe, Poppy-Beau, George & Finley - for all showing that they can work hard at home and complete the work set online.  Well done!
Heidi - for completing all the tasks to an amazing standard, sometimes starting work as early as 7.30am to fit in with Mummy's work.  Great research on volcanoes and earthquakes too.
Olivia - for a superb attitude and completing all work to a high standard and responding very qickly to feedback.  For going above and beyond, making tie-dye clothes in DT/Art.
Jack - for working incredibly hard on Google Classrooms.  Well done for working well at Grandma's!
Valentina - for always working to the best of her ability.
Jim - for a fantastic improvement in attitude to learning from week one.  The quality of work is so much better.
Lottie - for an excellent attitude and approach to work set.
Beau - for working very hard in school and showing great diligence.
Erin - for an excellent attitude and approach to work set online.