Star pupil and weekly awards

5th November 2021

Star Pupil Awards - Autumn Term 1
Bobby has made a super start to the year.  Everyday he comes into class with a smile that brightens up our day.  He has settled into school life very well and is always keen to share his interests in things particularly bugs!  Bobby is a good listener and is already learning lots of new things despite having only been in school 6 weeks.  We are sure Bobby will continue to do very well and we look forward to seeing him shine even more!  What a superstar you are.
Ethan was new to us this year and has settled into the 'Woodside Way' brilliantly.  He always works hard and has a positive attitude towards his learning.  He is a kind boy who has made positive relationships with both the peers and adults in class.  He is not afraid to try new things and doesn't let mistakes hold him back.  Ethan is a wonderful addition to our family.
Ivy-Beau has made a fantastic start to the year.  She listens carefully to all the instructions and uses her own initiative to help herself.  Ivy-Beau listens carefully during whole class teaching to develop her own knowledge and transfers this to her independent learning.  Ivy-Beau you are a true role model to your peers and a true representative of Woodside.  What a start, keep shining brightly.
Aaron is a hardworking member of the class who is always very diligent to ensure he is doing the right thing.  His overall work ethic is fantastic and this enables him to complete tasks to a high standard.  What has also been pleasing to see is Aaron's effort to consistently produce neat and tidy handwriting up to the standard of our new scheme, something which if he continues will undoubtedly lead to him receiving his pen license.  Aaron's behaviour is exemplary and he is a role model to the rest of the class.  It has been a pleasure to see Aaron settle into his new year very positively and I am sure he will have a great year ahead of him.
Jennifer is an absolutely, delightful, polite member of the class.  She has a very pleasant, friendly nature and gets on well with everyone.  She always listens attentively in class, paying full attention at all times.  She settles to an independent task immediately and always works very conscientiously, giving of her best.  Jennifer is a very sensible, mature, young lady, who is beautifully behaved.  What an absolute pleasure it is to have you in our class Jennifer.
Jimi has made a fantastic start to the year!  He engages fully in every lesson and is working hard to make progress in all areas.  Jimi is a real team player who shows respect to others and enthusiasm towards his learning.  He is rising to every challenge set with a positive attitude and willingness to make and learn from mistakes.  Keep this up Jimi and you will go far!
Since starting this academic year, Jalen has really impressed us with his attitude to learning and his drive and determination to be the best he can be.  In all areas of the curriculum, he focuses fully and is keen to share his thoughts and ideas.  In English, he has worked hard to improve the style and fluency of his handwriting and he has also taken on board advice to try to add more detail and depth to his writing.  In his maths, he is coming to realise the importance of using written methods to gain correct answers to calculations and problems.  A subject he has particularly shone in during the first half term is History- his enthusiam to learning about significant turning points in World War 2 was great to see.  Keep up the good work Jalen.  Well done!
Merit Badges
Merit badges this week go to - 
Elm house - 
Aaron, Keira, Ella, Lily, James, Theo, George and Mairi.
Oak house-
Eva, Lewis, Chloe, Daisy, Tilly, Tristan, Kayleigh, Hugh, Lola-Lynn, Alfie and Freddie.
Willow house - 
Harry, Lola-May, Fynley, George, Thomas, Summer, Georgina, Ruby, Edith and Jude.
Total house points
Oak - 242
Elm - 223