Weekly Awards

16th October 2020

Headteachers Awards this week have been given to - 
Monty has been a super star this week!  He has given his all to everything he has been asked to do and has been a fantastic role model to his peers.  Monty has especially impressed us with his new phonic knowledge.  Keep up the good work Monty.
Florence has completed lots of learning.  She has been particularly been hard working with her maths work even though she found some parts really tricky.  What a super attitude to have Flo.  Well done!
Chloe has worked sensibly with other children and helped them to create an impressive joint piece of work.
Lacey for always following our class learning charter.  Lacey always works extremely hard and has shown this, this week by practising her times tables at home so that she can answer 30 questions in 2 mintues 30 seconds.
Ava for making really positive progress in her reading, moving up a book band and becoming ever more confident with each day.
Adam for always trying to follow the learning charter that our class created - always trying his best, always being kind, always being honest and always being respectful.
Caitlin is focused and determined to do her very best.  She is really shining with her maths work; enthusiastic in group reading and always listens to advice about how to further improve her reading.
Merit Badges
Merit badges this week go to - 
Thomas, Ivy, Heidi, Ryan, Tyler, Fynley, Dylan, James, Erin, Beau, Rose, Kieran, Jenny, Issabella, Isla, Daisy and Dylann. 
Running Certificates 
10 miles certificates this week go to - 
Alexa, Edith, Jennifer, Jack, Ava and Layla.