Weekly Awards

13th November 2020

Headteachers Awards this week have been given to - 
Leo has had a fantastic week this week.  He has been trying his best to listen and join in with carpet time. Leo has also been practising writing his numbers.
Isaac has been trying so hard to blend words when he reads.
Leila for imagining she was Rapunzel and writing a super diary entry.
Bailey, Heidi and Harry for the most amazing engagement with google classroom as soon as 'remote learning' started on Thursday morning.
Declan for trying really hard to improve his handwriting and presentation since half term.
Arch and Libby for trying to follow a different pattern when solving a problem including multiplying by 10.
Lottie recognises the talents and abilities of others and always treats people with respect, celebrating the differences that make us all unique.  Lottie is also working hard in class and at home to practise key skills and build upon previous learning.
Merit Badges
Merit badges this week go to - 
Ella, Lyla, Erin, Esmee, Olivia, Declan, Caitlin, Imogen, Harper, Tristan, Kieran, Jenny, Issabella, Isla, Ellis, Effie, Grace, Daniel, Harry, Thiargo and Dylann.
Running Certificates
Certificates for completing 26 miles go to -
Caitlin, Thiargo and Kieran.