Weekly Awards and News

15th October 2021

Headteachers Awards this week have been given to - 
Maisie for some super work in her first week of learning letters and sounds.  Well done Maisie!
Ella for being a positive role model in class.  Well done!
Lily has really grown in confidence this week, contributing to whole class discussions and putting her hand up to answer questions.  Well done Lily!
Freddie for having a great week of maths, learning the column addition method well and taking forward steps with his place value understanding too.
Finley and Koray for working as a great partnership making a catapult.  They showed great perseverance following a very tricky design.  Well done!
Anthony has been keen to share ideas and answer questions in class - especially in maths and history.  He has taken the responsibility of 'school health team' very seriously and is setting a great example to others.
Archie for an engaging piece of writing focussing on describing the setting in detail.  Archie worked hard to edit his work to ensure it was of a high quality.
Merit Badges
Merit badges this week go to - 
Elm house - 
Layla-Jean, Alexander, Mairi, Erin, Edward, Ella, Luca, Ava, Daisy, Jimi, Frankie, Scarlett, Libby, Olivia and Charlie
Oak house-
Layla, Keira-Leigh, George, Chloe, Tristan, Luas, Ian, Charley, Freddie, Lauren and Hugh
Willow house - 
Tyler, Ellie, Ethan, George, Heidi, Summer, Hugo, Edith, Archie, Gracie, Ethan, Jayjay, Isla, Ryan, Georgina, Charlotte, Finley, Ellie and Lola - May
Total house points
Oak - 217
Elm - 215
Most of the classes are completing Design and Technology units of work at the movement and have been busy using a variety of skills to create finished products.
Year 5 have been measuring, marking and shaping materials to make bread rolls
Year 3 have been learning how to use equipment safely to create their own sandwiches
Year 6 have been using a wide range of tools, materials and components to create moving vehicles.