Weekly News

11th September 2020

Welcome to our new Reception class.  They have settled in beautifully and are looking forward to starting full time next week.
Headteachers Awards have been given to - 
Archie for super tidying up in the classroom.  Archie tidies his own things and helps others too.
Hugh for being so polite and for setting such a super example to the rest of the class of the behaviour that helps us learn.
Michael for being very supportive during our class cross country to the other children.  Then tale running for the girls race and giving encouragement.
George for taking his role of collecting compost bits at breaktimes really seriously and doing a fantastic job.
Issabella for creating an extremely impressive setting description.
Ava and Kieran for noticing all the rubbish in bushes outside of school - asked parents to help them to pick up rubbish and put in bin bag to be disposed of properly.
Merit badges
Merit badges this week go to - 
Max, Luca, Jaxon, Harper, Layla, Thomas, Ivy, Davie, Lacey, Michael and George.