Weekly News

25th September 2020

Headteachers Awards have been given to - 
Isla has been really brave coming to school this week and every morning she has walked in with a big smile on her face.  Isla has settled really well and is always looking after her friends, making sure that are happy!
Ella is a pleasure to have in class because she always tries her very best and is very responsible.  She is very kind and works well with everyone in class.
Theo - for being such an excellent role model for the rest of the class.
Layla - for always trying her best and asking for help when she needs it.  Then taking the advice aned applying it in her work.
Jack - for a huge improvement in his attitude to learning and giving his best, each and every day.
Tuliah - for making an excellent start to the year - always enthusiastic about her learning, always trying her best and always willing to share her ideas.  Keep it up Tuliah!
Erin - for producing some fantastic work across all subjects this week.
Merit Badges
Merit badges this week go to - 
Ella, Michael, Heidi, Josiah, Leyton, Lauren, Alex, Erin, Rebecca, Caitlin, Lottie, Lily, Beau, Rose, Imogen, Thiargo, Dylann and Kayleigh.
Running Certificates 
10 miles certificates this week go to - 
Jack, Archie, Adam, Isaac, Valentina, Libby, Ruby, Tuliah, Freddie, George, Issabella, Alex, Rebecca, Caitlin, Kieran, Jenny and Isla.
Beech Class 
Year 6 learning first hand all about the structures and working of the heart.