Christian Values and Spirituality

Christian Values
Our core Christian values, chosen by the children are love, respect, hope, forgiveness and challenging injustice.  As part of our Christian distinctiveness we seek to explore these values through daily acts of Collective Worship in order that children leave us with a firm understanding of how to live these in their everyday lives.  We are proud of our strong links with the church communities at both St Nicholas and All Saints and we regularly worship at St Nicholas Church.
Our School Prayer
Lord God,
Bless our school and everyone who uses it.
Thank you for always being with us and for all that we have learned together today.
Forgive us for anything we may have done or said that has made anyone sad.
As we forgive those who have upset us.
Protect everyone who is hurting or in pain.
We leave our troubles and worries with you and take home your peace and love to our families.
We ask that you will bring us safely into a new day tomorrow, so that we can be lights that shine for you.
Christian Ethos
We welcome children of all faiths, backgrounds and beliefs into our inclusive community. We seek inspiration from the life and teaching of Jesus Christ to help our children achieve their full potential. We uphold the distinctive Christian ethos and values of the Heartwood academy when making all decisions and implementing policy and practice. We aim to provide a caring and stimulating environment which promotes a love of learning whilst seeking to inspire every pupil to become a well-motivated, independent and resourceful learner.

​This ethos statement is understood, accepted and supported by all staff of the Academy.
We have a shared understanding of spirituality which is:

Spirituality is the opening of hearts and minds, through reflection, and questioning of the world; which lifts the soul and makes the heart sing. For some, it will be experienced through faith and worship.