ECO Committee

Eco Team

Two children from years 2 - 6 make up our Eco Team.  Together, they are involved in a variety of projects on a daily basis to improve the local environment. We are very proud to have achieved our Silver Eco Award in July 2019!

Our members are - 

Jaxon, Eva and Flo
Robert and Sofia
Michael and Summer
Sophia and Charley C
Valentina and Libby

The team collect fruit waste every morning break and place it in the large school compost bins.  When the fruit waste has rotted down into compost it is used to fertilise plants growing in the school grounds.

 Litter Picking

 The whole school has taken part in the annual, national litter picking project, The Great British Spring Clean within the local environment.  We have also worked with Costa on a community litter picking project to improve our local environment.

The Eco Team set up a daily litter picking rota during lunch time, when the children work in pairs to ensure that our school environment is litter free.

Recycling of Batteries

The Eco Team has signed up to take part in the Duracell battery recycling scheme.  We have organised the collection of batteries in each class.  The Eco Team count the batteries recycled each month.  Two members of the Eco Team then present a certificate in our celebration assembly, to the class, which collects the most batteries.  They also inform the school how many batteries have been rescued from going to landfill, which could have caused damage to our environment.

Paper and card recycling

Every classroom has a special recycling bin for paper and card.  The eco team check that members of their class only place card and paper in these bins, so that these materials can be collected to be taken to a recycling plant.

 Eco Brick Competition

A member of our local community has partnered with our school to run an Eco Brick Competition.  The Eco team have led an assembly, informing the school about how Eco Bricks are made and how this prevents more litter going into landfill.  The children have been given the opportunity to design an object that could be made of Eco Bricks.