8th March 2021

Some of the key worker children in school made valentine cards to send to NHS key workers to brighten their days. We received these words of thanks and photo from the vaccination team at Bedworth Civic Hall.

To the Children of Woodside Primary School,

 The Vaccination Team at Bedworth Civic Hall would like to say a MASSIVE  Thank You for our beautiful valentine card with its lovely words.

 It really cheered us up and put a great big smile on our faces.

Little acts of kindness like this really make our day and makes us feel all our hard work is worth while.

 Thank you also to your teacher /member of staff who helped do you do this for us.

 Thank You


Welcome back to everyone at Woodside.  We had 203 children back in school today (only one child missing because of a slight mishap yesterday).
Everyone was pleased to be back in school!