News and weekly awards

19th March 2021

Headteachers Awards this week have been given to - 
Mollie for continuing to be committed and enthusiastic towards her learning whilst also learning to use her walking frame and adapting to the challenge of a poorly leg.
Charlotte for putting lots of effort into all her work at school.  We can see how hard she worked at home during lockdown.  Keep up the great effort Charlotte!
Hugh for working so hard and always persevering when things become a little tricky.
Thomas has really persevered with his handwriting this week, trying really hard to improve the size and neatness while joining the letters in our handwriting lessons and then transferring this into his writing in other subjects.
Scarlett for blowing us away with how amazingly well she has done this week with equivalent fractions, improper fractions and mixed numbers.  Scarlett has challenged herself all week, producing work she should be incredibly proud of.  Well done Scarlett, this just proves what you are capable of!
Issac, Lewis and James for trying so hard to include interesting sentance types and effective vocabulary in their writing about varmints.
Rose is growing in confidence and working really hard to complete every task to the best of her ability.  It has been great to see her rising to a challenge and sharing her ideas with others.
Merit Badges
Merit badges this week go to - 
Tristan, Alice, Ella, Dylan, Izzy, Ella, Walter, Isla, Effie, Enid, Esmee, Charlotte, Jaxon, Lewis, Thomas, Kelsey, Ava, Libby, Lila, Issabella, Ruby, Lauren, Valentina, Freya, Rebecca, Caitlin, Lottie, Lily, Grace, Rose, Thiargo, Dylann, Kayleigh.