News and weekly awards

30th April 2021

Holly Class news
In Geography this half term Year 1 are learning all about the local area. We have decided to find out all about a road that we all use everyday to come to school...Maypole Lane. 
On Wednesday we went on a walk along Maypole Lane to look at the different buildings. There were buildings that lots of people could and Gayton's Bakery. There were also lots of buildings we couldn't go into...these were people's houses. 
We noticed lots of houses were detached and some were bungalows. Some houses were joined together. These are called terraced houses. We noticed some houses were old and some were new. Lots of houses had garages, driveways and gardens.
In the next few weeks we are going to be doing some more "fieldwork" where we will be sketching buildings, carrying out surveys and comparing old and new maps to see and think about how and why the street, Maypole Lane might have changed.
Headteacher News
I was pleased to take some of our budding artists down to our new local Coop to have their photos taken alongside the artwork which they had created - Landmarks in our local community which is now displayed on the wall as you enter the shop.  The school will also have a copy of this which will be displayed in the main library area- along with some new furniture. The children were all very excited to see their own artwork on display for the general public to admire!
Year 2 - class page - Year 2 have been retelling part of the story of Hamlet and there is a photo of them below reading their own work to each other to help improve it.
Year 2 and 3 have been having gymnastics sessions as part of their PE curriculum with an expert. They have enjoyed these sessions and are working towards a gymnastics award. Year 3 have had the opportunity to join an after school session too!
 Headteachers Awards this week have been given to - 
Zachary has amazed me with his knowledge of the story ‘Hamlet’ and has produced some fantastic writing about potions and he has retold the story in his own words.  Well done Zachary!
Jaxon - For an amazing week at school where he has produced some wonderful writing about Hamlet.  Keep up the good work Jaxon!
Mairi continues to impress with her effort in all subjects.  She also makes great contributions to our class discussions.
Oliver - For a fantastic effort this week.  Superb editing and improving work.
Teddy - For a much improved attitude to his learning and staying focussed throughout lessons to produce work he can be proud of.
Enya has worked extremely hard over the past week in numeracy.  She has strived to develop her understanding of adding fractions with different denominators and has really impressed us with her ability to do this.  Well done Enya.  Keep up the great work.
Zara and Lottie - For solving friendship problems at lunchtime.
Daisy - For always listening to others and being a good friend and sharing ideas and opinions in class discussions.

 Merit Badges

Merit badges this week go to - 
Aaron, Olivia, Anthony, Declan, Stefania, Erin, Freya, Rebecca, Lottie, Harry, Ehtan, Chloe, Tristan, Emma, Niamh, Archie, Lily, Grace, Issabella, Gracie, Flo, Jayjay, Leila, Tyler, Jack, Lewis, Thiargo, Dylann.
Bronze Awards
This week bronze awards go to - 
Ella, Jaxon, Lottie, Grace, Rose and Jenny.
Silver Awards
This week silver awards go to - 
Rebecca and Dylann
Writing Wall Certificates
Flo, Luca and Ellis