News and weekly awards

14th May 2021

Headteachers Awards this week have been given to - 
Florence - For amazing us with her additional skills and her super number knowledge.  She has listened so carefully and has even been helping the children who found it tricky.
Daisy - For always trying her best even when she finds things tricky.  Well done Daisy!
Tristan - For some fabulous perseverance with a maths investigation this week - finding triangles.
Alexa - In Jigsaw this week Alexa explained beautifully clearly what ‘fair trade’ means.  Well done Alexa. 
Dillon - For showing promise in his writing, magpieing phrases we have discussed in class and ensuring what he writes follows the correct structure and makes sense
Jack - For a great newspaper report on the visit of the author Ben Davies last Friday.
Lily - For consistently trying her best with everything we do in class.  In particular this week, Lily worked hard to understand some difficult geography work making some thoughtful and well reasoned suggestions.
Gracie - For showing respect in how she treats others.

Merit Badges

Merit badges this week go to - 
Erin, Chay-Shaun, Esmee, Ella, Luca, Frankie, Finley, Kelsey, Ava, Scarlett, Charlie, Layla-Jean, Olivia, Anthony, Monty, Lewis, Lacey, Josiah, Teddy, Dillon, George, Ian, Niamh, Lily, Albert, Grace, Kieran, Issabella, Ethan, Jack, Lewis, Imogen, Thargo, Harvard, Dylann, Kayleigh, Jude, Oliver, Leila, Edith, Jennifer, Heidi, Layla, Ellie, Ava May, Tyler and Fynley.
Bronze Awards
This week bronze awards go to - 
Eva and Jude
Silver Awards
This week silver awards go to - 
Esmee, Ella, Luca, Heidi, Erin and Isla