News and weekly awards

21st May 2021

We are so excited that baby Blue Tits have hatched in the nestbox containing a camera. Reception class are watching very carefully on the monitor as the mummy and daddy birds bring lots of food for the babies and then clean out the nest.
Headteachers Awards this week have been given to - 
Oliver - For always working hard with his writing.  He carefully thinks about each sentence and chooses the sounds he needs with accuracy.
Lola - May - For marking super progress with her reading and writing.  She is trying really hard with listening to the sound she wants to read or write.  Keep up the great work Lola!
Charlie - has been trying to put up his hand in class.  Keep it up!
Harry -  For making a real effort with his reading this week and has moved up a level.  He has also worked extremely hard in maths this week, showing great resilience and perseverance.
Declan - For being helpful to his fellow classmates, helping out in the dinner hall and expressing his desire to help anyone who needs it.
Molly -  For great focus when using protractors to measure angles.  In addition Molly has worked hard to take on board any advice that she was given regarding friendships and we have really watched her grow as a person this week.  Well done Molly.
Harry - For a noticeable improvement in his efforts across all subjects.  Keep it up!
Lacey -  For giving comfort and kind words to a child that was upset.
Daisy - for always being kind to her friends and taking the time to listen to them. 

 Merit Badges

Merit badges this week go to - 
Alice, Enid, Esmee, Luca, Theo, Mairi, Aaron, Olivia, Lila, Molly, Issabelle, Stefania, Erin, Freya, Rebecca, Caitlin, Lottie, Harry, Tilly, Eva, Archie, Tristan, George, Ruby, Albert, Grace, Rose, Kieran, Jenny, Issabella, Isla, Walter, Ellis, Effie, Florence, Flo, Valentina, Tuliah, Georgina, Imogen, Thiargo, Dylann and Kayleigh.
Bronze Awards
This week bronze awards go to - 
Ivy, Tristan, Olivia, Harry, Grace and Rose
Silver Awards
This week silver awards go to -