Public Health Champions

The Public Health Champions (PHC's) will meet every week with Mrs King.  PHC’s will be set tasks to help promote and raise awareness of different health and wellbeing topics throughout the year.  
Our members are
Amelie, Edward, Emma, Anthony, Lauren, Dylan, May and Jalen.
PHC's March Challenges
We are promoting positive messages by writing positive notes and we will be hiding them within our school and our community.
PHC's February Challenges
During the month of February we will be promoting -
Flos fundraising
Internet Safety Day - Tuesday 8th February 
Children's Mental Health week - Monday 7th February to Sunday 13th February
and Child Cancer Day - Tuesday 15th February.
PHC's November and December Challenge
On Monday 15th November we encourage everyone to come to school in their odd socks.  It's a great way to celebrate what makes us all unique in Anti-Bullying week.
The PHC's would also like to share the message of 'One Kind Word'.  They have decided to spread the word by creating a poster for every classroom.
In December the PHCs extended the work on kindness by creating a paper chain.  Everyone in school decorated a link to the chain and this shows how kindness spreads.
PHC's October Challenge
To promote mental health and wellbeing.  They are handing out and creating kindness cards to people they would like to thank or who are showing kindness to others.  The kindness cards will boost the mental wellbeing of those who receive them.  
PHC's promoted 'Hats on for Mental Health' on Friday 8th October to raise awareness and money for CW mind.  They raised £187.77.  
Parent information regarding the above can be found on our pastoral page.