Star Pupil Awards

21st July 2021

Star Pupils for Summer 2 
What a year Lyla has had! She started as a shy, quiet and nervous member of our class and now she is a confident, enthusiastic learner. Lyla is kind and caring and always makes the right choice, she is a wonderful role model to our class. Lyla has worked extremely hard on her phonics and should be extremely proud of herself. Lyla has learned all of the phase 2 and 3 sounds and is working even harder now we are on phase 4. She uses her sounds confidently in her writing and when she isn't sure she perseveres and finds the sound card to help her. Lyla has this same can do attitude when it comes to all of her learning and has really shone this term. Well done Lyla, we can't wait to see you continue to shine.
Archie is a wonderful member of our class who has an amazing enthusiasm about school which is so lovely to see. He can always be relied upon to do the very best in everything that is asked of him and always with a big smile! He is extremely well behaved and is a super role model to the other children in the class. Archie has worked very hard in class during the year but has worked especially hard at home during the many lockdowns. I have been so impressed with his ability to adapt quickly to the changes and still complete super work. Well done Archie! I wish you all the best for your time in your next year. I know you will continue to be a superstar! 
Mairi has really impressed us this year with her effort and attitude to learning. She always tries to produce work to the best of her ability, she listens to advice and tries hard to improve her work. Mairi, you set an excellent example to the rest of the class. Keep it up.
Layla has worked hard throughout the year at school and during times of remote learning. She always tries her best with everything we do and shows great resilience to overcome the barriers she faces, while always asking for help when she feels that she needs it. Layla is a kind and helpful member of our class and will do anything to help anyone and is a great friend to her peers. Layla is a fantastic role model to other students at Woodside. Layla you really are a STAR PUPIL! Well Done.
Oliver has more than deserved to star pupil for the Summer term.  He always adds thought and insight into every lesson he is a part of and this enriches not only his own learning but his peers' too. In most subjects Oliver performs to a high standard and his conscientious attitude, coupled with the fact that he always listens means that his level of knowledge retention is great. Oliver also ensures that his behaviour is exemplary and you can always look to him as someone who will be a role model to his peers. Another area in which we are incredibly proud of Oliver is in IT. During my period of isolation, whilst the class was still in school, Mrs Wheller was extremely grateful to Oliver for supporting her with setting up the live lesson in class and offering help to anyone who needed it. His expertise in computing is definitely a talent he needs to foster for the future. Well done on a fantastic last half term Oliver, continue to aim high and the sky's the limit for you!
What a year you have had Lauren! You have come such a long way and we are beyond proud of you! Through your own hard work and willingness to allow others to help when times become overwhelming, you have developed strategies to help manage your emotions, which allow you to quickly return to focussing on your learning - something which you are amazing at!! Keep believing in yourself Lauren - you are an intelligent young lady with lots of personality and you can do anything when you persevere and approach tasks with an "I can" attitude! Keep shining brightly. Well done!
Since joining us, Stef has continued to amaze us with the way in which she has not just 'settled in' but become the missing piece in our Y6 jigsaw! Her friendly nature and great sense of humour have made her popular with teachers as well as her peers and her attitude to learning has enabled her to make fantastic progress in a short space of time. We feel extremely lucky that you chose Woodside and we know that you will go on to achieve success as you take your next steps in education. You truly are a star!