Star Pupils Spring (2) and other awards

1st April 2021

Star Pupils for Spring Term (2)
Ella is a superstar! She is always making the right choice and always eager to learn. Ella sits quietly, listening carefully, so that she is able to contribute effectively to the lessons. She works hard on her phonic knowledge so that she can use these skills to help her to read and write. Ella is also a very kind and caring member of our class. She takes care of every one, Miss Court included, making sure they are always happy! It is wonderful to have Ella in our class and I can't wait to see her shine in her final term! Well done Ella!
Enid has worked so hard this half term. She has worked hard being in school during lockdown and has continued to do so with everyone back. She tries so hard to do her best and has gained so much in confidence with her reading, writing and especially her maths. We are very proud of how well you have coped with everything since Christmas and look forward to seeing you achieve even more. Well done Enid!
The effort that Hugh continues to put in at school is admirable. Even when he finds things a little tricky, Hugh always perseveres. Hugh has impressed us with the progress that he has made, which is down to his effort and perseverance. Keep it up Hugh. You really do set an excellent example to the rest of the class. 
Ava is a true star pupil!  She is a kind, caring and thoughtful member of our class.  Ava always shows determination and is keen to challenge herself to meet high expectations.  She confidently shares her ideas with the class and offers reasoning behind these ideas.  Keep shining brightly Ava.
Ellie encapsulates everything you look for in a star pupil. Firstly, her work ethic is exemplary. She ensures that each piece of work is completed to a high standard and is also enthusiastic about contributing to class discussions each day. Secondly, is the example she sets to others in terms of her attitude, behaviour and standard of work. Ellie ensures she is always seen to be doing the right thing, whether that be listening, following instructions or completing a task on time. At this point I'd like to mention in particular the poetry she has done since returning to school as something she should be proud of. Finally, there is the matter of Ellie's efforts during our most recent lockdown. For all, adjusting working schedules and routines to accommodate online learning via Google Classroom was a huge challenge. Ellie was one of our most consistent learners in lockdown though, embracing the technology fantastically well, completing ALL tasks, attending ALL live lessons and also enjoying taking part in the more practical tasks such as the screen break afternoons and P.E sessions. Both Mrs Wheller and I would like to say a huge well done to Ellie for everything she achieved during lockdown. 
This star pupil award is truly deserved by Ellie-Mae. Since returning to school from the latest lockdown, she has constantly amazed us. In all that she does, she tries her very best and as soon as tasks are set in lessons, she gets on with them, focussing fully. Every day, she overcomes new challenges and hurdles, and is now setting her own to conquer! It has been an absolute pleasure to see her grow in confidence and realise that she can do anything that she wants when she believes in herself! Ellie-Mae, keep shining brightly - there is so much more to come from you and we can't wait to see it! Well done. 
Throughout lockdown, Lottie worked incredibly hard to keep on top of all the work set and was always keen to challenge herself, asking for help when needed. She was organised and  independent; enthusiastic and positive, showing a really mature attitude to the changes that we all had to adapt to. Since returning to school, Lottie has continued to try her best with everything we do. She is a good friend to others and a positive role model to the class. Keep shining bright Lottie- you are a star!
Merit badges -
Olivia, Declan, Rebecca, George, Lily, Rose, Issabella, Kieran, Thiargo, Harvard and Kayleigh.
Bronze awards have been awarded to - 
Erin, Freya, Rebecca, Lily and Thiargo.
26 Miles certificates have been awarded to - 
Teddy, Layla-Jean, Anthony, Eddie and Zara.
40 Miles certificates have been awarded to - 
Rose, Harvard, Summer, Ava, Michael, Harry, Lacey, Freya, Dillon, Charley and George.