Summer (1) star pupils and weekly awards

28th May 2021

Star Pupils for Summer Term (1)
Kaeson’s whole attitude to learning has changed this half term. He has grown in confidence and is so willing to give his all to every task. When Kaeson joined us he didn’t know any of his sounds but he has worked has both at school and at home to learn all of the phase 2 phonics sounds and lots of phase 3 sounds. Kaeson is now working hard to use them in his writing, which he is doing successfully without support. Kaeson is also an eager mathematician who shows a good knowledge of number and has worked hard to understand addition and subtraction this half term. Well done Kaeson! We are so proud of how hard you are working and can’t wait to see what you can do during the rest of your time in Reception!
Layla is a delightful member of Holly class who always tries to do the very best in all that is asked of her. She has worked so hard at home during lockdown and has continued to do so in school. We are absolutely thrilled with the progress that she is making in all areas of learning. Layla is also a very kind and caring person who is always there to help any of her classmates, or teachers if they need help. She loves to tell us all about things and it is always a pleasure to listen to her speak of the many things that she gets up to. Layla is wonderful to teach and truly deserves to be recognised as a star pupil. Keep on shining brightly Layla.
George's effort throughout the whole of Year 2 has been admirable. He always strives to produce work that is of an excellent standard. He listens very carefully to advice on how he can improve his work which has helped him produce some fantastic work this year.  He sets such a good example to the rest of the class. Keep it up George. 

Daisy truly is a star pupil! Daisy has worked hard all the way through year 3 in all areas of school life. She strives to do her best in everything she does and then always tries to improve based on the feedback she receives. Along with this she shows great attributes of friendship and a maturity in resolving problems.  Daisy it is a privilege to have you in our class and you are a brilliant role model to your peers and a great asset to Woodside.

Charlie always has a positive outlook on each day and comes to school ready to learn. His attitude in the classroom is excellent and he always pushes himself to get the most out of everything we do. Charlie always shows respect to others and has great relationships with everyone in school, something that we have found is very important after studying it in jigsaw. We have been particularly proud of Charlie for his literacy this half term. Since beginning Hamlet, Charlie has really immersed himself in the play's world and as a result has written some great pieces of writing he can be proud of, magpieing phrases and manipulating the Shakespearean language well and independently. Another admirable thing about Charlie is his humility, he will always put the group's needs before his if working with others and others in the class look to him to be the natural leader; this shows the level of respect his peers have for him and vice versa. A huge well done Charlie on what has been a great half term for you. Keep up the good work! 
Jack has had a fabulous half term and has tried his best in all areas of the curriculum - particularly his Literacy. In his writing, he has made a conscious effort to start his sentences in different ways and to use synonyms to vary his vocabulary, and in guided reading sessions, he has enthusiastically shared his ideas about the book being looked at. Not only has his attitude to learning being commendable over the past few weeks, but so too has the manner in which he has conducted himself with his peers. Jack is a kind and caring young man, who is always willing to help others and be a great friend to them. Keep shining brightly Jack - you are a star. Well done.
Over the last term, Thiargo's  enthusiasm, effort and commitment to his work has continued to grow. He shines in lessons, sharing ideas and answering questions quickly. His maths and written work are improving all the time and it is lovely to see him becoming increasingly proud of his work. Thiargo works well with others in class; explaining his thinking but also listening to other suggestions and being prepared to modify his ideas.
His competitive nature has become increasingly channeled , motivating him to do his best. In addition to this, he has grown to be a real 'team player' and a good friend to his peers.
Headteachers award
Finley for helping others at lunchtime.  Putting them before himself.

Merit Badges

Merit badges this week go to - 
Ella, Lyla, Matilda, Oliver, Lily, Esmee, Luca, Frankie, Theo, Mairi, Aaron, Scarlett, Charlie, Olivia, Freddie, Imogen, Eva, Jaxon, Daisy, Archie, Lewis, Layla, Josiah, George, Ian, Isla, Ellis, Effie, Grace, Florence, Mollie, Kaeson, Lily-Mae, Lola, Gracie, Jude, Harry, Flo, Thomas, Ryan, Dylan, Lewis and Georgina.
Bronze Awards
This week bronze awards go to - 
Ella, Chay, Daisy, Archie, Layla, Imogen, Isla, Gracie, Thomas, Flo and Lewis
Silver Awards
This week silver awards go to - 
Eva, Jaxon, Harper, Jude, Lauren, Beau and Jenny