Our Aims

Our Aims
  1. To respect each other as unique individuals.
  2. To foster a Christian ethos which encompasses the whole school community, building links with local churches.
  3. To provide for all the aspects of children’s development, academically, socially, physically and morally.
  4. To foster in our pupils the attitudes of honesty, understanding, politeness, good manners and self-control.
  5. To encourage respect and tolerance of people and cultures different to our own.
  6. To inspire each and every child to become a caring member of the society in which they live, enabling them to adapt to an ever changing world.
  7. To help pupils to develop lively and enquiring minds, encouraging them to be able to apply themselves to tasks and skills.
  8. To become confident independent learners.
  9. To encourage and value a partnership with parents based on trust and a shared understanding of one another’s role in enriching their child’s learning