Weekly awards 2nd July

2nd July 2021

Headteachers Awards this week have been given to - 
Lilly-Mae is always trying her best in phonics lessons and all her hard work is paying off as we can see Lilly using all of the sounds she knows in her reading and writing.  Well done Lilly.
Ethan for producing some wonderful writing.  he is adding really exciting adjectives into his stories which is making them really interesting to read.  He is becoming a great writer.
Freya has worked exceptionally hard to learn all her timestables and become a TT Rockstar (by the end of the year).  She can even answer 50 questions of up to 12x12 in under 3 minutes.
Declan worked really well independently writing a formal letter.  Well done.
Lewis for going above and beyond in a maths challenge - persevering to find the longest sequence he could and then noticing something about what he had created.
It is great to see Dylann growing in confidence in everything we do in class.  This is currently exemplified in her portrayal of Hamlet in our play, delivering her lines with real emotion and clarity.
Merit Badges
Merit badges this week go to - 
Esmee, Ella, Luca, Rebecca, Frankie, Stefania, Erin, Rebecca, Caitlin, Jaxon, Daisy, Harper, Lily, Albert, Grace, Isabella, Isla, Gracie, Jude, Flo, Edith, Zara, Imogen, Dylann and Kayleigh.
Bronze Awards
This week bronze awards go to - 
Keira, Frankie and Jayjay
Silver Awards
This week a silver award goes to - 
Chay, Daisy, Layla, Gracie, Ivy and Edith
Gold Awards
This week a gold award goes to -