Weekly Awards and News 16th July

16th July 2021

Headteachers Awards this week have been given to - 
Pixie-Bella has been excellent during maths this week, doing lots of careful counting and adding using the cuisenaire rods.  Pixie also found lots of different ways to make 7 using the rods.
Holly class for doing so amazingly well at home learning.  They are all stars.
Aaron always listens carefully, always knows what to do and will help others who don't.
Jack has worked exceptionally hard over the previous 2 weeks developing his knowledge of time.  He has listened to all teaching points and applied this to developing his knowledge whech he has been using throughout the day.
Niamh for putting in a great effort during sports day and enjoying every event she took part in.
Archie showed great enthusiasm and worked really hard playing rounders today.  Well done.
Isabella for sharing her confidence and skill with sewing to help others when making our felt phone cases.
Merit Badges
Merit badges this week go to - 
Mairi, Thomas, Demi, Finley, Bailey, Ava, Rebecca, Lottie, Tristan, Koray, Lacey, Harry, Albert, Beau, Grace, George, Edith, Michael and Summer
Bronze Awards
This week bronze awards go to - 
Lacey, Summer and Layla
Silver Awards
This week a silver award goes to - 
Harry, Ava and Isla
Gold Awards
This week a gold award goes to - 
Freya, Grace and Kayleigh
Year 6 have performed Hamlet as their end of year performance . Performed in front of a Covid secure audience of one but recorded so that parents can enjoy the wonderful spectacle!