E-Safety safeguarding information

Please find below some safeguarding highlights regarding the squid games.
The updates highlights the main risks and concerns experts found when researching the show.
It was brought to BDMATs attention this week that one of our pupils within the MAT was approached on Tik Tok to share inappropriate images of themselves online. They did not do this and reported it to the school, which is a testament to the online safety teaching at that school.  It is a violation of the terms of these sites for anyone under 13 to be using them. This is a clear indicator that the sites are not suitable for primary aged pupils.   Please continue to address these risks with the children themselves in order that they can learn to keep themselves safe online and know who to report to if they ever feel unsafe. These sites are not going to go away so it is important that we ensure our pupils are aware of the dangers of joining these sites at their age and can protect themselves if they still choose to do so.