Religious Education

Being a Church School, Religious Education plays an important part of our curriculum. Having a personal 'religious literacy' is critical in our children becoming the tolerant, understanding individuals in the diverse world we live in; a key aim within our vision.

We use Discovery RE and Understanding Christianity as our sources to discover the insights to our world offered by Christianity and the world's other faiths.

Understanding Christianity Curriculum
Each of our units have a core set of knowledge which we expect our children to learn and remember. This knowledge is taken forward to support new learning in subsequent years.
Discovery R.E
We use the Discovery R.E scheme to discover the insights to our world and the world's other faiths.  In addition we also use Coventry and Warwickshire AS units.
What religions will children learn about?

Click through to our curriculum map to see each of the religions and festivals we learn from over our children's primary experience.