Who We Are

We are the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) for Woodside Church of England Primary School. We are a registered charity and we carry out a variety of fundraising events.

We try to make these events fun for everyone including some well-loved fixtures in the school year like the Christmas and Summer Fair.
The PTA have a website where you can view, book and pay for all future events.

We need your help!

We are always happy to welcome new volunteers.

You might feel you could not take on major commitments, but have you thought of all the skills you have - just 10 minutes of YOUR skills could be invaluable for raising funds.

If you think that you could offer help at any level then please contact someone on the PTA and we will be very happy to talk. It’s great fun!
What are we raising funds for!
Well after a conversation with Mrs Johnson and hearing about it all we are raising funds for an immersive Sensory Room!
This is not a cheap and is the range of £12,000 plus but I think this would be a great asset to the school and the childrens learning! So we are rasing money for that and think that it will benefit the present and future children of Woodside. 


If you work for a large company that might have funds available for community groups, we'd be very interested to hear from you.
Sometimes all it needs is for an employee to nominate a cause and we can gain access to some valuable funding opportunities.
If you hear about a grant or a fund that might be useful, please don't assume that we already know about it


We know that there are parents and friends out there who are as keen as we are to help to raise funds but they can't spare any time. We would hate to miss your input!
If you have any great ideas, then please pass them on to someone on the PTA.
Amazon wish list:
We have created a wish list on Amazon of things we would like for the projects we are working on. Please see the link below if you are able to help us with anything. Thank you.
If you would like any further information please ring the school office and ask to speak to Sharon or Nikki.