Wider School Curriculum

At Woodside Primary School, we believe in extending the pupils’ education far beyond the classroom walls. The wider school curriculum are opportunities we provide in or out of school that enhance the taught curriculum. Below are some of the ways in which we develop and enrich the lives of our pupils click the sections to find out more.

A central part of our ethos is that we aim to inspire caring, compassionate and empathetic children ready to face life’s challenges and understand global issues.

The pupils and staff at Woodside Primary, organise several activities across the year to raise funds for a variety of local, national and international charities. Supporting charities and people in the local community raises awareness of key issues and teaches our children about the importance of generosity. We feel this reflects our school values of ‘love, hope and respect’.  

The Junior Leadership Team plays a pivotal role in listening to pupil’s ideas, selecting charities, discussing ideas and planning fundraising events. The pupils, parents and staff of Woodside Primary School support a variety of charities throughout the school year.

  • Childhood Cancer Awareness – Pupils dressed in gold and yellow to show their support for Flo ( a pupil at the school who unfortunately lost her battle with Neuroblastoma in 2023)
  • Children in Need – Pupils donated and came to school dressed in their own clothes.
  • Hats off for Mental Health- Pupils wore hats to school and donated. 
  • Poppy Appeal – We raised money in support of the Royal British Legion appeal through the sale of poppies

In addition to our regular fund-raising events, we have non-uniform days to raise money for various charities



At Woodside Primary, we recognise the important role that is played by primary schools in enabling children to have high aspirations about their future. As a school, we endeavour to provide children with a range of meaningful experiences, visits and visitors that teach them about the world of work and provide information about future careers. We also aim to break down any misconceptions or stereotypes our pupils may have about different careers.

During lessons, pupils are exposed to the world of work through learning about careers in the STEM field and beyond. We encourage pupils to develop their interests and ignite any passion they may have for a subject, e.g. becoming a sculptor or a research scientist.

Children in Upper Key Stage 2 are introduced to careers through workshops and visits.

Our annual Business Enterprise week also encourages pupils to be business entrepreneur from a young age and learn about the importance of budgeting. 



At Woodside Primary School, we think it is important to provide pupils with experiences beyond the classroom and connect with the outdoor world. As well as the physical health benefits, school residential trips have been proven to have a positive effect on children’s self esteem and confidence levels, thereby improving their emotional health and well being. The importance of allowing children to explore their environment, take responsibility for their learning with minimal obvious adult intervention is significant. We recognise that residential trips offer a unique opportunity for our pupils to claim their independence, make their own decisions and build new friendships. 

To inspire a love of adventure that will stay with our pupils and help them develop into fit, active and healthy adults, we ensure that all pupils in Key-stage Two can experience a range of residential trips. This helps our pupils to develop themselves and learn new skills alongside others within a different environment.

After School Clubs

We offer a range of clubs and activities to our pupils. Please see the letters page for current information.